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 Designer PHP FAQ Script
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 SEO Link Exchange script
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 SEO Photo Gallery Script
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 SEO PHP Directory Script
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 SEO Article Directory Script
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 SEO Auction Script
 Price $ 214.00

 SEO Classifieds script
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 SEO Shopping Cart Script
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 SEO Online Dating Script
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 SEO Job Board Script
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 Supreme PPC Search Script
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 Supreme Banner Ad Management Script
 Price $ 21.00

 Supreme Ad Management PLUS Script
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 Supreme Banner Exchange Script
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 Supreme Image (Photo) Gallery Script
 Price $ 35.00

 Supreme Automatic Link Checker
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 Supreme Reciprocal Link Exchange Script
 Price $ 25.00

 Supreme FAQ Script (Knowledge base Script)
 Price $ 23.00

 Supreme Jokes And Funny Pics Script
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 Supreme Link Directory Script
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 Supreme Web Hosting Directory Script
 Price $ 90.00

 Supreme Classifieds Script
 Price $ 69.00

 Supreme Classifieds PLUS Script
 Price $ 99.00

 Supreme Auctions Script
 Price $ 99.00

 Supreme Resource Repository Script
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 Supreme Freelancers Marketplace Script
 Price $ 125.00

 Supreme Dating Script
 Price $ 149.00

 Supreme Job Board Script
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 Supreme Trading Marketplace Script
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 Supreme Shopping Cart Script
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 Supreme Recipes Portal Script
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   Supreme Banner Ad Management Script

   PRICE $21.00


Supreme Banner Ad Management script helps you automate the advertising interface of your site. This script helps you invite advertisers to place their banner ads on your site. You can define the different banner sizes for which advertisers can place ads. Advertisers can then buy impressions for their banners through paypal and their ads will start appearing immediately. Fully customizable color schemes of the script make it very easy to embed this script into your site. Extensive real time stats enhance the advertisers experience. Also, advertisers can search and sort banners on various criterions. Administrator can configure site parameters, change display colors, configurable emails, view stats, transactions and member information EXPERIENCE this POWERFUL script through the FULL ONLINE DEMO for admin panel as well as advertisers area.

Why You Need This Script?

This script can manage banner ads for your site and SAVE a lot of TIME and EFFORT for you. For advertisers, it provides real time stats about their banner display which enables them to know what is working and what is not. PLUS it so easily integrates into any existing live site. Color scheme for the script can be defined from the admin panel. So, once you set the colors according to the color scheme of your site it will appear very much part and parcel of your site.Thus
, this script offers following advantages:

  • Saves a lot of time and effort
  • Converts popularity of your site into revenues by offering advertising opportunities for your visitors
  • Give great experience to your advertisers
  • Automate advertising on your site and generate cash
  • Let Webmasters know that they can advertise with you

      Front End Features:

      • Extensive Banner stats like
        -total/approved/unapproved banners
             -impressions/clicks received
             -click through rates
             -most displayed/clicked ads
             PLUS day to day tracking of above stats for each banner.
      • Advertiser's one step signup/Login form.
      • Add/edit/delete banners
      • Banner sizes are admin defined
      • Advertiser can manage their profile.
      • Search on approved/unapproved banners
      • Look up for banners of particular size
      • Sorting on clicks/impressions received/date wise
      • Purchase of banner impressions through secure gateway
      • Total record of purchased impressions
      • Colors of whole interface can be changed through Admin panel
      • Very easy to integrate in any running site
      • Administrator can create and save different color schemes

      Back End Features:

      • Extensive stats
      • Options to view banners based on approval status.
      • Add, edit and remove banners.
      • Configurable site display parameters
      • Configure site settings like banners displayed per page, approval type for banners etc
      • Full control over color scheme
      • Configure Header/Footer of the script
      • Configurable auto generated emails with email templates.
      • Cleanup routines to remove unused banners in one go
      • Member specific details regarding approved/unapproved banners, balance etc
      • Complete member specific stats
      • Edit / delete advertiser profile
      • Member wise Transaction listing with add/edit/delete options
      • Get Code section to get 'cut and paste' code for ad display
      • Management of banner purchase packages
      • Configure different banner sizes allowed
      • Option to email all advertiser or a particular advertiser
      • Define, save and reuse color schemes and styles for the script front end

      What Are The System Requirements?

      • PHP (with mail enabled), MySQL
      • Basic knowledge of HTML


    Price $ 21.00   
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